Vinyl Rack

  • Perfect To Store & Display Your Favorite Vinyls: The stylish black vinyl record holder set of 2 is a must-have for music enthusiasts & vinyl collectors! Conveniently sort & organize your records and display the most iconic album covers – unique wall art & LP storage in ONE
  • Extremely Spacious – For Up To 50 Single Records: Have your favorite records always available & quick at hand! Your 12” single records fit perfectly in the 13.5x7x6” vinyl rack and each vinyl holder offers ample space for 25 records
  • Super Easy To Install – Mounting Hardware Incl.: You’ll have the vinyl storage set wall mounted in no time! Mounting screws & metal drywall anchors for a solid installation of each record holder on walls and drywalls are included
  • Add Beautiful Farmhouse Charm To Your Decor: The minimalist, black design of the metal vinyl record storage holder is a great way to combine functional album storage for vinyl records with a cute farmhouse look – store & display your vinyls in style!
  • Sturdy & Space-Saving Wall Storage: You can fully rely on the durable vinyl record storage shelf, with its solid construction, to take good care of your records – while making the most out of your available space at home, thanks to the wall mounted storage
  • SKU: zic-vinylrack2-69 – GTIN 05060669270720
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Product description

ZICOTO Vinyl Holder Set of 2 – Perfect to organize, store &display your vinyls. The black farmhouse record holder for albums gives your favorite vinyls a beautiful and well organized home, which also looks great on your walls! Some album covers are literally made to be displayed in a beautiful way – several illustrations even have an iconic status! Use the vinyl record storage to conveniently sort and organize your vinyls, all while creating a fantastic way to showcase them in the way they deserve. Unique wall art & record album storage in one! Extremely easy & space-saving installation on walls: The mounting of the vinyl storage racks is super simple! All necessary mounting screws and metal drywall anchors are included – for a solid installation on walls and drywalls. The clever wall mount holder makes it easy to make the most out of your available space at home! Keep everything neat, tidy and off the ground and shelves, while adding a special decor to your walls. Ready to handle your valuable vinyl collection – super sturdy & spacious: The storage racks provide a robust metal construction making them a durable storage option for your vinyls. Each rack holds about 25 single vinyl records, so the LP holder set of 2 offers ample space for up to 50 vinyls in total. With 13.5 x 7 x 6 inches your 12 inch records fit perfectly! A stylish way with aesthetic farmhouse flair to store & display your vinyl records!