Stencil Vinyl

  • Bring Your Creative DIY Projects to Life: with the 12”x25ft adhesive stencil vinyl roll by Zicoto! Design your own stencils with sayings, drawings or company names & simply cut it with any commercial cutter machine, plotter or use the vinyl stencil for cricut machine.
  • For Unique Paintings On Wood, Glass & More: The stencil vinyl can be easily applied on any smooth, non-porous surface! Whether you use the craft adhesive vinyl stencil on finished wood, chalkboard, glass, ceramic, tiles or metal – it works fabulously!
  • Easy To Use For Precise Results: High quality materials, a gridded backing paper and the matte finish allow for easy cutting, placing & removing of the vinyl stencil roll; the sophisticated design makes precise results possible!
  • Simply Follow The Step-By-Step Instructions: Detailed instructions guide you through the process seamlessly, from cutting your stencil vinyl with a cutting machine, preparing & applying it with a transfer tape for vinyl (not incl.) to painting your selected surface
  • Versatile Private & Professional Use: Stencil painting, varnishing work, airbrushing, lettering & more – vinyl stencil offers versatile options for personal projects or business use such as show windows, exhibitions and signs
  • SKU: zic-stencilvinyl-68 – GTIN 05060669270713
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Product description

ZICOTO Vinyl Stencil Roll: Design & Create Your Own Stencils! It is a fantastic way to bring creative projects to life on both a personal and professional level with the stencil vinyl for cricut or other equipment. Made For Precise Results: Thanks to a thoughtful design with gridded backing paper and a matte finish, the 12”x25ft stencil vinyl allows for easy cutting, placing and removing of the vinyl roll and therefore also for precise, beautiful results! Super Versatile: Design individual stencils such as sayings, drawings, offers and many more and easily transfer them onto your selected surface.The stencil vinyl can be applied effortlessly onto any smooth, non-porous surface! Therefore you can use it seamlessly on finished wood, chalkboard, glass, ceramic, tile or metal. Bring Your Home Decorations, Exhibition Booths, Show Windows & Company Signs To The Next Level! How To – From DIY Vinyl Stencils To Beautiful Paintings: Please follow the instructions included in the package thoroughly. They will guide you through the process of cutting, preparation and application. To give you an idea of how it’s done, here is a short summary of the process: 1. Cutting your vinyl stencil with a cutting machine: after you have prepared everything in your design program, you can place the adhesive vinyl sheets onto the cutting machine mat and load it into the machine – review & adjust settings – initiate cutting! 2. Preparation with transfer tape (sticky tack not included): place and rub the transfer tape directly on your cut vinyl stencil & peel away gridded backing paper. 3. Application to your chosen surface: place the transfer tape with the vinyl design onto a clean & dry project surface and remove the tape again. 4. Apply Paint or stain to your project and carefully remove the stencil vinyl after 1–2 minutes. Included: 1x 12”x25ft stencil film roll vinyl. The transfer paper for vinyl is NOT included!