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  • Create Beautiful & Artistic DIY-Stencils: Make your own stencil collection with these 12”x12” mylar sheets by Zicoto. 24 blank stencil sheets allow for many creative projects to receive that special, personal touch – stencilling at its best!
  • Sturdy & Eco-Friendly Mylar Stencil Sheets: The stencil sheets are made of durable and eco-friendly stencil material with a thickness of 4 mil / 0.1mm – for lasting creative fun!
  • Bring Your Creative Ideas To Life – Personal & Business Use: Turn each clear stencil plastic sheet into a true craft masterpiece – whether for wooden signs or artwork on metal, walls, glass or ceramics! The sheets can also even be applied to curved surfaces
  • Reusable & Super Easy To Cut: Simply cut your designed stencils out of the stencil paper with a cutting machine. The flexible and bendable mylar sheets for stencils are washable & therefore reusable. What a great alternative to stencil vinyl sheets!
  • Step-By-Step To Precise Results: The detailed instructions guide you through the process, from cutting your stencil film with a cutting machine to painting your project – let’s get the creative vibes goin’
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Product desription

Cut Your Own Stencils With The ZICOTO PET Stencil Sheets! Whipping up a beautiful design idea? Stencilling with DIY stencils is the way to go! Use the 24 PET mylar stencil sheets by Zicoto (12 inch x12 inch) to create many beautiful artworks on varied surfaces. The blank stencil sheets work great for wood carving projects or generally for wooden signs or for lettering, drawings or graphics on metal, walls, glass, ceramics & more. The perfect stencil material: Whether used for personal or professional purposes, the ultra thick 4 mil acetate sheets are sure to keep up with your creativity. The extra tough and eco-friendly PET stencil sheets are highly transparent and really easy to cut.The best: you can reuse your stencils as often as you like, as they are super easy to clean! Good for the environment, good for your wallet! Ready to put your creative skills on show? From DIY mylar stencils to beautiful pieces of arts: Please follow the instructions included in the package thoroughly. They will guide you through the process of cutting and application. To give you an idea of how it’s done, simply read the short summary below: 1. Cutting the mylar stencil sheet with a cutting machine: place the sheet onto the cutting machine mat, prepare your design program and get your settings ready (recommendations for settings included). Before initiating the cutting process, please always run a test to check on your settings! 2. Application of the cut stencil: use a repositionable adhesive spray to fix the stencil to a clean and dry surface temporarily. Paint or stain your project & after 1–2 minutes carefully remove the stencil. 3. Enjoy the results! With your DIY stencils made of the durable PET mylar foil by ZICOTO you can revive your inner-artist and let creativity flow!