Wooden Lazy Susan

  • Bring A New Level Of Comfort To The Table: While simultaneously presenting your food in luxurious style! The acacia wooden lazy susan is perfect for gatherings with family & friends – get that table lazy susan spinning, indulge in savory appetizers or desserts & enjoy convenient dining
  • Large Lazy Susan Turntable & Cutlery Set: 22” offer ample space to arrange cheese, pastries & other delicacies appetizingly! The 4 included knives are made of heavy-duty stainless steel w/ wooden handles & are great for preparing ready-to-eat bites right at the table
  • Made To Last Serving Board: Thanks to the outstanding premium materials used and by following our care instructions the wooden lazy susan turntable lasts forever! The board is food safe, odor resistant & spins smoothly for easy access to your desired treats
  • Unique & Sustainable Piece Of Wood Art: Produced in an eco-friendly manner the beautiful wood lazy susan is made from natural acacia wood! As the wood of acacia trees is naturally two colored, each handmade turntable is a unique, modern masterpiece
  • Super Versatile For Dining & Organizing: The lazy susan is everything but lazy! Use the lazy susan for your dining table, but also on your countertop, pantry or in cabinets to store ingredients
  • SKU: zic-lazysusan-88 – GTIN 05060669270911
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Product description

Enjoy convenient dining at its finest with the ZICOTO lazy susan turntable made from premium acacia wood! Host your party in flow – no need to interrupt a deep conversation to ask someone to pass the crackers! Simply spin the lazy susan and grab your desired treat in no time! Gather your friends & family around the table and impress your guests with your hosting skills! Thanks to the tabletop lazy susan turntable you can introduce a new level of comfort to the dining table while also presenting your savory appetizers and sweet desserts in a modern, luxurious style. With a size of 22” the large serving board (total height approx. 2 inch) offers ample space to arrange delicious charcuterie such as your cheese selection, meats, pastries, fruits, veggies, crackers, bread, etc. in an appetizing manner. The turntable makes it more comfortable for your guests to reach for food, without having to lean nover the whole table. Prepare bite-size pieces and your own snacks right at the table – the included cutlery set makes it happen! Together with the lazy susan for your table you will also receive 4 heavy-duty stainless steel knives with comfy wooden handles. Simply perfect for fondue nights, barbecues and dinner parties, but also for a casual evening with large families. Your premium turntable: whether you use the high-grade lazy susan for serving your meals, for organizing ingredients on your countertop or for storing food in your pantry or cabinets – it is food safe, odor resistant & made to last a long time to come! Simply follow the easy care tips on the package to maintain the rustic finish of the wooden board forever. Each lazy susan is an unique and sustainable masterpiece, produced in an eco-friendly manner from natural acacia wood! As the wood of acacia trees is naturally two colored, each handmade turntable is a piece of art like no other.