Greenery Habit Tracker

  • ALL-YEAR PRODUCTIVITY BOOST: Did you know that tracking your goals actually helps you to achieve them? The ZICOTO habit tracker allows you to cultivate new healthy habits & track progress daily, weekly & monthly – giving you a precise overview of your achievements
  • ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS AND BE INSPIRED: The motivational journal features space for 4 weekly, 3 monthly & 12 daily habits, along with an end of year summary for reflection. Plus: stay inspired with our monthly inspirational quotes!
  • DESIGNED & MADE IN USA – QUALITY STYLE: The 9 x 11” habit journal is made and designed in the USA from high quality materials. Whether you need a health journal, goal planner, sleep tracker or productivity planner – we’ve got you covered!
  • BEAUTIFUL GREENERY LOOK – GREAT TO START ANYTIME: The habit planner notepad is beautifully designed with a recurring, harmonious greenery look; your undated weekly planner allows you to start anytime
  • STAY ORGANIZED AT WORK, SCHOOL OR AT HOME: The habit tracker calendar is your organizational sidekick in your job, at school or in your household. This stunning notebook is also a fantastic gift idea for a birthday, christmas or any other special occasion
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The 9 x 11” habit tracker is a wonderful way to keep an overview of your goals, so you can hold yourself accountable. Whether you have set your mind to achieving health, work or personal goals – the productivity journal can be used as an exercise tracker, goal board and for other weekly, monthly or daily habits you want to keep an eye on.

Everything at a glance and easy to use – keep it simple and clutter-free with this habit journal
The desk planner can be used for focus notes, as a daily planner, to do list notepad or monthly planner. That way you can keep all your habits neatly organized in one place. The end of year summary is perfect for reflecting on your progress.

“You can do anything you set your mind to.” – Benjamin Franklin.
…our motivational quotes are sure to keep you inspired on the way to reaching your dreams. What would make your life a little easier and happier? Choose a small habit and let’s track your way to success!

Our undated design is ready for you any time. The undated habit tracker calendarl is the perfect choice for tracking your way to better health, sleep or finally working away on that dream goal. The minimalist, harmonious greenery design makes it great for moms, dads, students but also for professional purposes. Made and designed in the USA, we have quality you can rely on.

Use the journal as a health tracker, fitness journal or to set up new routines. Improve your quality of life and make yourself proud with every little tick on your new habit planner.