Greenery Planner Pad

  • WORK SMART & BOOST YOUR PRODUCTIVITY: The 8×10” ZICOTO weekly planner notepad w/52 sheets helps you to plan & work smart while staying focused for efficient task management; no more procrastination, wasting time or missed deadlines – enjoy less stress & more free time
  • WEEKLY FOCUS – STAY ORGANIZED: Tick off difficult tasks first & generally stay on track for all important things – with the weekly notepad you can prioritize your top 3 crucial weekly tasks as well as to do’s; everything settled? what a feeling!
  • NEW HEALTHY HABITS – LIFE QUALITY 2.0: Use the habit tracker on the weekly planning pad to create an entirely new awareness of your life by starting new healthy habits! Tracking progress is the greatest motivator – week by week you step closer to reaching your goals
  • MAKE EACH WEEK COUNT – WEEKLY SCHEDULE PAD: Family plan calendar, work week planner or weekly agenda pad? Oh yeah! The weekly pad contains boxes for each weekday & the weekend, where you can note reminders, events & daily to do’s
  • GORGEOUS DESIGN – GREAT TO START ANYTIME: The weekly planner sheets are easy to tear off and beautifully designed w/ a recurring, harmonious greenery look; Your weekly planner pad & undated – you can start anytime
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The ZICOTO weekly planners are a wonderful way to organize and structurize your weekly workload & goals. Thanks to the organizer notepad you are working smarter for time-efficient, productive task management.

Everything at a glance – get rid of those messy sticky notes & declutter your desk effortlessly: to do’s, appointments, crucial tasks, birthday’s, school events and anything else that is happening this week – all collected on one aesthetic page. The weekly pad is a fantastic way to keep all the important details neatly at hand. Start TODAY: the easy tear off weekly desk pad is undated and can therefore be used anytime. The minimalist, harmonious greenery design makes it a great accessory for moms, dads, students but also for professional purposes.

Set your weekly focus – ‘where focus goes energy flows’: Which are the top 3 most crucial tasks? Besides prioritizing these work steps, a weekly to do list assists you in staying on top of things.

Make the most out of your life – week by week! Cultivating healthy habits makes such a difference. With the week planners’ habit tracker you can introduce new routines step by step and track your progress & personal growth. Make yourself proud, any small achievement is a step forward to an improved quality of work & life.

Weekly scheduler: You will also find ample space to add individual notes to any day of the workweek as well as the weekend. Ideal to note down birthdays, doctor appointments, meal plans and more.

The perfect office desk supplies for women.